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Title: Welcome to the North American KOMPAN Play Institute blog!

Date: 9/10/14

By Helle Burlingame

I am excited to launch our blog on the relevance of play in today’s world. We all cope with new ways of working, learning, and living healthy lives. For children in particular we believe playground play is the best medicine to increase their resilience. When kids thrive, parents thrive! We all benefit when leisure and learning include playful elements. In this blog we will cover studies, insights, and news that relate to human development. Members of the KOMPAN Play Institute and a variety of guest bloggers will address issues surrounding play, playgrounds, health, learning and inclusive play research, playground stories, and designing for play.

Upcoming blog posts:

Our first guest bloggers are Marcy Guddemi, PhD, Executive Director, Gesell Institute and Erin Akers, M.Ed. Director of the Gesell Institute National Lecture Staff. They will be calling for a common sense—best practice—for the Common Core State Standards, or any learning standards. Quality, developmentally appropriate learning also takes place outdoors. They will illustrate how standards can be met outdoors using the Smart Playground Teacher Guides as an illustration.

Jeanette Fich Jespersen, International Manager of the KOMPAN Play Institute will discuss how the inspiration for developing teacher guides for playground structures for young children became important. We have been saying all these years that all children need is free play. She will also introduce the Danish teachers she worked with to develop the teacher guides.

I will be posting about the psychology of urban play – and how the future of children’s resilience depends on getting it right.

Children have a fundamental need to play with other children. When they do, they blossom: they are active, they are challenged, they learn from each other and they build trust in themselves and their peers. We are keenly aware that children face many issues growing up today. The playground is its own small cosmos where children can have those face-to-face encounters that make a difference in their quality of life.

When we are deeply involved in discussions about play and share our knowledge as well as learn from the many people involved in play, we believe children gain more interesting playgrounds.

I hope you will enjoy the blog and share it with your contacts.

All the best,

Helle Burlingame

Cand. Psych., M.A. Psychology

Manager, KOMPAN Play Institute, North America


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