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Working as Digital Media specialist in the KOMPAN Group.

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Resources – Matching, Leasing and Financing – Grant Programs

Resources – Matching, Leasing and Financing – Grant Programs

Every kid deserves to have a quality playground in their neighborhood. That’s why KOMPAN has done extensive research to uncover available playground grants and other resources that may be useful in helping your community grow by installing a local playground of its own. We understand how daunting the research and application process can seem. To make […]

Get BLOQXed – the new play sculpture from KOMPAN

BLOQX is not just a playground, a sculpture, a climbing wall, or a meeting space! BLOQX is an attractive hot spot for kids and adults to hang out in city and suburban locations. Designed to be a visual landmark, with a design concept that blurs the gap between adults, teens and kids play, BLOQX engages […]


The Smart Playground  ™ from KOMPAN combines whimsical Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale themes playground structures, rich in detail and free play experiences, with educational teacher curriculum guides and apps – all in one package.